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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
good morning cheshire , j.a.d
it happened again, glp awoke me at 08.10 and there was your post(s) tounge
this time i was energetically prompted to dress and walk,
weather glories , sky nov blue, sun warm and inviting , our environment doing what it normally does , providing complementary dimension in which we emotionally experience (live)
at what i now know to be approx 10.55 i noticed i was back to seeing the familiarity of my house in eye sight and knowing my metropolis i knew i had walked 10 miles or so

where had i been in linear time an observer would utilize to record the distance i traveled (all measurement of distance fixed by our arbitrary fixing of light speed)
the observer would know exactly where i was that whole time

i would agree with the observer that i was here but i would be forced to tell the observer that although i was always aware i was here, my conscious 5% (self) of my conscious process mostly experienced not being here at all

consequently my memory possess/retains the background orientation/comfortable sensation of this material dimension (location) only, that which the observer observed and could measure

my memory of actually where i was and what i was doing i can explain to the observer but there is only two ways the observer will know what i am talking about

i took them with me
observer and i possess common agreement how and why my conscious 5% self was not in this dimension while my physical presence within this dimension was observed

this and related topics are the essence of our current 21st century debate within military and religious circles

lovely posts
 Quoting: aether

This happens to people often, they stop perceiving time and find themselves discussing how quick the time has passed, time did not pass as it is only a measurement, they stopped measuring between experiences, maybe...
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