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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
of the patients interviewed possessing memory considered accurate by our authorities as in:
saw all aspects of the color/symbol design

they possess this in common:
all felt themselves, experienced motion as in sitting, flying, hovering etc. but experienced it because they were doing it, they experience no material sensation of their doing it from our material dimension. as in:
sitting on a window ledge to them was sitting on a window ledge because the desired to and did. they did not sense the actual ledge they experience only going to it (motion) and sitting on it , they replicated it`s location and sat on it in it`s location.

they all hear sound but appear to receive sound from our material dimension via communicative intuition:as in
they see surgeons talking and know what they are saying including accents etc. but they do not experience these sounds as they do these:
the sounds that to them are heard by carried sound (wave) are unlike sound they have heard before when in body and most often are of musical tone, to them, often including trumpet like sounds etc: leading our authorities to consider the carried sounds are locational to the "dimension" they are in

all see color normally

none remember their shape, all know it was themselves of familiar shape but non remember noticing their arms or legs etc. although all know they are there: as in
they experience the same sensations of possessing their bodies but never see their bodies

none feel in both location , body in theater and themselves
all know they are no longer in their material body and experience no sensation from it at all

the time they experience is gauged by the length of time their observations took to perform and this varies from minutes to one or two hours

they experience no sense of time while out of their body

all returned into their bodies while in the theater, none know how and some regret doing so

all appear profoundly thoughtful of their experience afterwards
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