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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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In 3d, you were some guy in the 1600s and then you "die" and come back as someone in the 1900s. But in 4d, you are both of those people simultaneously.
 Quoting: Cheshire~Cat

I have a similar understanding, the spirit is who we truly are, and it leaves an imprint in every incarnation we have, the soul inside the flesh.

the spirit does not percieve time as we do, everything has already happened or is happening at the same time.

I remember seeing the swedish medium that would channel a being that explained that "the rider" was something above our experience down here, and it had multiple incarnations to keep track of, at the same time.
like beads on a string.
the rider is the string and the incarnations are the beads.

I just see, what he refers to as a rider, as the spirit that we are.
 Quoting: Michael_

What of attractions and fields? Are we not attracted to that which we feel gives us that something for whatever reason we deem that to be of import?

If conciousness, not memory or any function of object permanence, is key to sum. Will we not repeat what most innately attracts us without the buffer of memories preconceived associations?

This concept alone would pay us our due. As we know the artist secretly reproduces themselves.

The Buddhists tell you not to imagine self upon dying as you will be pulled back by the gravity of the visualization. The Incan Kings bred with their closest relatives to ensure little deviation in family to that which they would return (compounding sorrows and material Karmas fate).

Let go of what you know lest it consume you.
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