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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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What separates the non material from the material? Structure, time, something else, veil? Can those two ever meld together, or is it like those two clouds, just rubbing up against each other?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17984635

let`s hover over the word time for a while

Dynamical system

A dynamical system is a concept in mathematics where a fixed rule describes the time dependence of a point in a geometrical space. Examples include the mathematical models that describe the swinging of a clock pendulum, the flow of water in a pipe, and the number of fish each springtime in a lake.

At any given time a dynamical system has a state given by a set of real numbers (a vector) that can be represented by a point in an appropriate state space (a geometrical manifold). Small changes in the state of the system create small changes in the numbers. The evolution rule of the dynamical system is a fixed rule that describes what future states follow from the current state. The rule is deterministic; in other words, for a given time interval only one future state follows from the current state.
 Quoting: observation

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

our linear counting systems enable us to form predictions which appear to us to form our notion of time as embedded into reality

Time-invariant system

A time-invariant (TIV) system is one whose output does not depend explicitly on time
 Quoting: observation

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

then we discovered our environment (universe) utilizes time invariant system (timeless) that manifest transient dynamical systems

a layer of a layer tounge
 Quoting: aether

we discovered that we can and do replicate galaxies , for example, utilizing plasma in laboratories both on earth and in space and we notice that everything we observe occurring in our universe to galaxies occurs in our laboratories to what we have created

there is no difference no matter if what we create (galaxy) last a second, an hour , a day whatever , as long as we sustain (power) the process(s) it always does the same things

it may be an inch in size, a foot, a yard , no matter , the process(s) always do the same things from start to finish , replicating what every galaxy does from it`s beginning to end

this tells us that from galaxies down to the miro everything is doing what it does unconnected to our label system called time

under our label system (time) some things do what they so in parts of a second, some in days and all the way up to billions of linear years

what all processes have in common is they are all time invariant (unaffected by time)
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