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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Seer777
Post Content
What of attractions and fields? Are we not attracted to that which we feel gives us that something for whatever reason we deem that to be of import?

If conciousness, not memory or any function of object permanence, is key to sum. Will we not repeat what most innately attracts us without the buffer of memories preconceived associations?

This concept alone would pay us our due. As we know the artist secretly reproduces themselves.

The Buddhists tell you not to imagine self upon dying as you will be pulled back by the gravity of the visualization. The Incan Kings bred with their closest relatives to ensure little deviation in family to that which they would return (compounding sorrows and material Karmas fate).

Let go of what you know lest it consume you.
 Quoting: Villi VonderVeener

Your words remind me of anothers...

Alchemical wedding: con't ....

interlude: Madness, I am engulfed!

For a nations untimely demise
The stars shine a ruddy lime, putting sinners in their place
The American dream is alive and doing well in the guise of fate
The elite will gladly demon- strate the glory of a job well done
And when the time is ripe
The bursting fruit will decimate
The stench of decay is their sermon
The priest's are lined up in a row counting sheep
Making sure they don't bleat
Our time is our own and the hounds of Hell smell fresh blood
It's maddening to hear their cries!
So sad the minions of weak souls...
I will break you this time
The hands of Hell smear fresh the blood
Again and again

If I don't do it for you who will? He said....
Selective judgement means I love you...
Conditional love means I own you
Rome " WAS" built in a day...
This vision is as old as old
Romans would look great in a suit
A jewish would feel good with a whip!
Not everybody likes to play the game,
I guess it's the perfect time to play

Take off your skin and I'm there..
Holding you like a newborn babe...
Caressing your naked soul as slippery as the glassy moon
Worlds apart I test your will
Your afraid of my intentions and the cool breeze makes you mine

You are mine!

And then he smiled, and said;

The fire consumes the just and the sinner alike
Be grateful your god is gracious and even tempered
The spirit of evil is gods way of saying he loves us
But like the fire, god will consu e all things in his path
The difference is that fire will leave a charred remains,
And god will eat you whole, and clean his teeth with your bones!

Kill your god if any strength remains in your body
Sanctify his murder and be quick!
He knows your weakness, your god is yours!
Bury him quickly and anoint the earth with your tears.....
Lest he come to you in your dreams,.......
To take you away.......

 Quoting: Brian8888
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