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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Seer777
Post Content
Seer, may I suggest you read the Tenth Repentance of Pistis Sophia? It could be helpful (:

Friends, a riddle,,


what does it represent?

Seer? any thoughts? I remember you misspelling the other day, and I just had some other coincidences regarding this.. got curious tounge
 Quoting: 1908247

She cried again to the Light, saying : 'O Light, in whom I have believed from the beginning, for whose sake I have suffered great afflictions, help me.' And in that hour her repentance was accepted.

Now it happened when I came to the Chaos, to help her, she saw that I was understanding, and that I was shining exceedingly and with compassion towards her. For I was not insolent like the lion-faced power, which had taken away the power of light from the Sophia, and which had also afflicted her, to take away all the light within her. Now the Sophia saw me, that I was shining ten thousand times more than the lion-faced power, and that I had great compassion towards her. And she knew that I was from out of the height of heights, in the light of which she had believed from the beginning. The Pistis Sophia took courage and she spoke the tenth repentance, saying :

1. 'I have cried out to thee, O Light of Lights, in my affliction, and thou hast heard me.

2. O Light, save my power from unjust and iniquitous lips, and from cunning snares.

3. The light which was taken away from me with a cunning snare will not be brought to thee.

4. For the snares of the Authades are widespread, with the traps of the merciless.

5. Woe to me, for my dwelling was far off and I was in the dwellings of the Chaos.

6. My power was in places which were not mine.

7. And I flattered those merciless ones, and when I flattered them, they attacked me without cause'."

[link to www.pseudepigrapha.com]


IOI reminds me of one of 0's riddles.

I believe it was XIOIX.

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