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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
i had a weird long dream last night which was exciting
the ending was me finally meeting what a lot of people looking and feeling "owned" called the master
top hat and late 18th century cloths
the owned people were filing into this large single story building where my exciting dream had taken which i now see was leading to this meeting via fear build up being applied

so i have the master coming towards me and all these owned people, men and women now filing to the building behind him (master)
and when i turn around there is our daily life going ahead with people bustling around and i notice they can see none of this although it is all happening in plain sight

at which point the master has a syringe in his hand to apply stone injection to me

i awoke at that moment to discover real electrical impulses throughout my entire body, quite noticeable
i got up, made a cheese sandwich and thought about it

satisfied myself as i ate the sandwich source and cause and went back to bed
i returned to the master and ate him
i crunch his head then body thus devoured him head first
this provided me with electrical sensations (pleasant) through my entire body
i ate a selection of others from the dream the same way until satisfied then went straight to sleep and enjoyed a nourishing dream free time
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