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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content

the electrical impulses i awoke to were all over my body from source unknown and the information in them was complementary to the motive of the dream.as in:
i was electrically induced whilst dream was "inserted" into my imagination (sleep)
the sensation i experienced from what i ate was softer toned coherent life providing energetic information common to all things
and general to my entire body
 Quoting: aether

oh sapt you prompted me to tell this

the source unknown was told in sequence
while i was in dream i was unaware (unknowing) of electrical induction being applied
when i stepped out of dream what remained for me to notice was the actual electrical induction instantly providing me with it`s source/cause , as it must
it was my knowing the cause that prompted me to do what i did following thoughtful processes while eating my cheese sandwich tounge
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