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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Saptaparna
Post Content
Parna, cannuck, the rest of yas,

Parna, i have more reason to identify with the infirm reference made then yourself. I truly am the infirm as i am made functional with a diet of pharmaceuticals. I am fairly certain that the punch was meant for me as much as anyone. Cannuck, that was a cleanly thrown left hook, kudos.

In the process of construction it is important to disassemble that which doesn't add to the long term functionality of the edifice. This function is important to weed out immperfection and misconcreptions. Disassembly is something I have always excelled in. As you can see Cannuck, I look upon such behavior as neccessary. It is a thankless occupation, but...I love it. But you and i seem to have an aptitude for it, just remember to leave as many pieces intact as possible. This allow those best equip to reassemble to perform their functions as easily as possible.
Also cannuck, drinking while musing is never a good idea as it can cause destrction well pass the scope called for. I have always tried to used dismantling as a surgical tool.

Parna, my friend. It takes a special kind of courage to display a carthasis for the benefit of all. Your intellect has alawys been in conflict with your spiritual abilities. Without a doubt your intellect is the superior of the two gifts, that is not to imply that your spiritual gifts are lacking, just the opposite. This conflict leaves you grinding gears aa you attempt to shift between the two. If you lead with your intellect and rely on the spiritual only in matters dealing specifically with spiritually, few will be your equal.

So the rest of yas keep on building, continue to do what you do best and assist others in matters not specifically given to your nature.

Aruna, thanks for correcting me, your velvet glove hides the hammer nicely. hahah

soft as a kiss hard as a nail
 Quoting: aka 20093181

Thank you for these words, aka. I agree with them very much, and have been struggling in separating the two. In the beginning, my goal was to merge the two, which, at least for myself, I have been successful at.

In response to the part I put in red; You are saying I need to separate the two, correct?

I need to (somewhat) leave my intellect out of spiritual matters...no, I think I have that backwards.

Could you explain that in better detail for me?

Thanks, this resonates strongly with what I am going through at this time. I have recently shifted gears again, and have been interested in the spiritual side of things, rather than the science of things.
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