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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle nobody
Post Content
the irony exists that time is measured perfectly with atomic clocks,, for the vibratory consistencey is greator than a pedulum,,

time of course is simply an abstract concept of measurement,,

and requires global unification of synchronicity to even exist as a linear phenonomen,,

all atomic clocks must be of course syncronised with the average taken,, for agreement of synchonicty,,

if time were real would the vibration of an atom suffice as a pure measurement when it is known that it is not,,

as all atom vibrations are subjective to gravity and gravity is subject to size pulsar witnessed wave/vibration density,,

relative by simple default,,

yet time is apparently real,,

abstract concepts it would seem are permitted too thusly evolve within a greator measurement contained unequally within a lessor clarity currently shared,,

much love,,
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