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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Forward progression noted.

Point in period is Enough on a dot = .

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The last iota, tomorrow. A remember will be yesterday. A period is one to remember and be remembererd as it is not easily forgot ans three periods are even more so as they are more easily seen then one period.

Cryptic? Yes, as a descriptor "." can be as not to sway the course of particle's by observation.

A small speck yet three, seen repetitively and noted as not of importance somthing so small as a period provides end of communication in sentence. The smallest notation regularly provides the most precision in thought and communications. Will we see the last iota tomorrow? If so, today will be a fond memory and melody as yesterday for tomorrow everything changes when it becomes today

A period, sometimes three

Is not easily forgotten in this sentence.

The End.

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is this doomy or hope? afro
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17984635

I do not know. I wrote it in a meditation but did not remember writting it and only found it today. I kept remembering that date. But i dont know when i wrote that or even remember ever writting it. Even today as i wrote it, it was not me who wrote it. That i know me to be. It is something else that came through me that i knew i didnt know. If that makes sense.

I dont know what it means. Face value? Not sure. I know i dont feel like me lately and i dont know if that is good or bad. What i know of good or bad is not what it used to mean to me. Strange is feeling more normal as of lately.

So do with it what you like. I know feelings are feelings and feelings are not absolutes.

Hope that helps.

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