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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle 4real
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interesting thought
to me people (us) have boundaries defined by aura (emotional definition)
the emotions they display within their flexible boundary (tensegrity) defines their experience of all things outside of their flexible boundary

do traditional boxes have flexible boundaries?
 Quoting: aether

if you think about it where were those people in hospital if not within their flexible boundary powered by their still living 95% conscious process within their body hence they never go more than 40 ft away
no history of consciously knowing anything about the topic they remain within average aura range's of 5 to 10 to 30 to 40 ft
mostly around the 5 to 10 ft range
 Quoting: aether

I think what we need to ask ourselves is if 2 or more things can exist in the same space, at once...

As I have heard others mention it is impossible.

 Quoting: Seer777


I was relunctant to mention this, but i'm prompted to in response to aethers dream yesterday. The night after you posted this 11/18, the same night that aether had his eating dream, a had this dream. I can't help but feel it is in some ways tied into both fields of thoughts. It was a rather short dream but the sequence was clear and colorful. I was present but completely unaware of my physical presence. There was a thin very elastic almost transparent tannish light brown sheet of materiel strecthing apart from me. The material was the same height as my field of vision.

You may not believe this but I just got a rather distinct pain in my stomach and I'm not making fun, As a matter of fact I have been having the same rather distinct distress for the last week or so.

To get back to my dream. This ultrathin but very etremely durable fabic extended away from me much as a piece of saran wrap is rolled out of the box prior to being extracted for use. The material didnot waver or
flutter due to its thin nature but was very ridid, much like a flag pulled taunt. Now here is the kicker, from out of this extremely thin material an impression of a body pushing away/through the material began to form. The material was taking on a 3D aspect. I watched in amazement, the environment was of a luminescence brightness. The colors were colors, but contained within them a never seen before vibrance. Then it occurred a figure emerged from this veil of material. Yes, i'm calling it a veil now because that best describes it. There was no ripping of the veil as the figure emerged. In fact, there was no disturbance to the veil at all, the veil lost no substance as a body appearred to slip through. Now,here's the kicker, as the body slipped out from the veil as one would slip through a scene in a dream, it stood fully formed peering at me and I at him. It was myself looking at me, separate but the exact same. Well, not the exact same, there was a difference, as i mentioned earlier, i never saw my own physical body in this dream but I was fully aware of self and I know that the only difference between myself and this second presence of myself was that the second presence was dressed in gold. Oh one last thing, the ringing in the ear.
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