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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle acuk
Post Content

Recall yesterday I said I woke up with the words "children of the golden dawn" on my lips!

Well I did an internet search and found an esoteric group, turns out they are big, I know I am naive to all this lol, but have since seen the name is widely known hahahaha, anyway....

I contacted the group told them, they asked for a meeting on Skype, I agreed, before the meeting I felt a presence, it was familiar, do you recall before the squids? The Tulpa/thoughtform, well this bloody guy had sent a thoughtform to me, robert zink, he then used it to try and hard sell me his order and get me to send him $200 to join, he used hard sales techniques on me and was demanding I pay him the money this morning, he said he wants to mentor me personally and kept talking about astral parasites, saying he will give training to protect myself...FOR A FEE lol.

I felt the push it was amazing and a great lesson for me :)

He is using thoughtforms on people I spoke with him for almost an hour over Skype and felt the push, he wanted my money.

So I did an internet search on this guy afterwards because I felt it, knew what it was that he had sent, as I have had interaction with some before.

Here is a comment I found about him after my search.
[link to hermetic-golden-dawn.blogspot.co.uk]
"NateSeptember 15, 2009 5:20 AM

Robert Zink offered me astral initiation for $150 but wouldn't talk about anything until I sent the money. After he got it he told me there was a dangerous angel hanging around me and that he needed 500 dollars to remove it. Yes, I am stupid. After he got that I saw Robert Zink sending malicious thought forms at me. This jerk off tried to layer a strong false identity over my present personality. In the end I saw him walking away as he thought, "Hmmm, he's got a strong mind."

Beware of this wolf in sheep's clothing. He promises the light, takes your money, and then tries to deliver you to the dark.

Everything about this guy is a front.

In progress: www.robertzinkpdr.co.cc"

What a great lesson that was huh, I pushed it off and sent it back to source.
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