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Strange day yesterday. I live on a hill and the culvert up the road the city put in was defective and it broke and sent all the water from up the road through my house. I literally had a river running through my bedroom. I was waaay out in some other relm (even strange for me) all day yesterday with having abdominal surgery from messing myself up a couple days ago. An old hat, having survived so many physical ailments over my lifetime. I have had 19 broken bones in my life. Been dead 9 times, and quite a few other surgerys.

Off the pain meds today. Feeling great. The city said they would pay for all the damages and today they will start ripping up the flooring and sucking out the foot of standing water out of my basement.

Today is a new day. Funny instead of new i saw jew. Anyway.

I see Lots of exclimation points being made.

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