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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
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Good Morning all.

Thank you for sharing your dream 181.

You have very powerful dreams it seems.

It feels to me that the message was showing that 'nothing' the 'eyes' can detect exists within the construct of pure consciousness, only up until and out of that, all else is formed through desire and will.

ACUK...I would stay away from A New Golden Dawn...just FYI.
Metaphysical sellers can be a tad unscrupulous.


Do you have to keep bringing up the squids?


0, sorry to hear your home was flooded, love. And surgery? Sheesh.

I certainly hope you find some peace and quiet today, so that your abdomen will heal and your floor boards dry.

Morning aether...


 Quoting: Seer777

No reason to be sorry unless you built the culvert. Lol! Just life shit. I aint too worried about it.

Been doing some research because i dreamed about the 9.7 earthquake in sumatra last night. I have never dreamed of an earthquake. Most of the time i dont remember my dreams.

My surgery went well. Some how got an intestinal hernia from when i went snowboarding. Painful as hell first day or so. But im good now.

Im actually in a pretty good mood and life seems pretty good today. I dont let the odd lil set backs get me down. Stuff happens amd well. Its just stuff.

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