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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Seer777
Post Content
No reason to be sorry unless you built the culvert. Lol! Just life shit. I aint too worried about it.

Been doing some research because i dreamed about the 9.7 earthquake in sumatra last night. I have never dreamed of an earthquake. Most of the time i dont remember my dreams.

My surgery went well. Some how got an intestinal hernia from when i went snowboarding. Painful as hell first day or so. But im good now.

Im actually in a pretty good mood and life seems pretty good today. I dont let the odd lil set backs get me down. Stuff happens amd well. Its just stuff.

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Well...I have empathy for your added stress and pain, is another way of putting it I guess.

My dreams have been too wispy to hold onto, but I often wake with AHA moments.

I am not feeling a big quake like that in the near future.

Only based on the feelings I had directly before the others, which is not present.

Fingers crossed.

Perhaps if people stop calling for doom the Earth will stop obliging.

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