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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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I don't believe for a moment a field follows in lockstep, this is what confused mainstream cosmologists into thinking singularities could exist. Binaries orbit much too quickly not to be reacting nearly instaneously to the changing positions of the other. All EM radiation is a constant renewal from the source, the very term emit precludes a field held in lockstep. Nor do I believe an electron is a pure negative particle, or a proton a pure positive particle. They are composed of charges of both kinds, just predominately one over the other. This is why they have a magnetic dipole moment. Dipole as in two. I.e more than one internal charge moving in relation to an opposite charge. The overall field may be negative or positive, but I no more believe the entire charges it is made up of are all the same. No compound molecule consists of only one type of charge, nor do I believe the particles that make up molecules consist of one charge.

To think a proton could be composed internally of all positive charges that would repel away from one another is beyond comprehension. That's why they needed the neutron, to keep two positive protons from repelling, yet the charges that make up the protons are all positive???

There is no mythical strong force, no mythical color spins, it is all electric charges moving in magnetic fields creating the very forces you seek to ascribe to other mythical energy sources. I have no reason to believe that physics operates differently in any part of the infinite universe, all observations to date counter that idea. Therefore the ONLY source of energy we are aware of is that caused by conductors moving in magnetic fields, and it is the basic unit of charge moving in relation to other charges that creates this dipole magnetic field. I.e. magnetic moments require two or more charges moving in relation to one another to form. No magnetic moment can exist otherwise. Hence no magnetic monopole is known to exist. And believe it, they have searched diligently for one.

Somewhere in your reasoning, you have jumped the rails. You claim the particles have a mythical energy supply, built in, in defiance of "having no reason to believe that physics operates differently in any part of the infinite universe." The rest of the Universe does not allow energy to just appear, otherwise we would not have to plug anything in or fill our tanks. [link to www.thunderbolts.info]
 Quoting: observation

No, I claim you believe in a magical power source. I say conductors moving in magnetic fields generate energy, exactly as observed. You want power to come from somewhere, anywhere, as long as it isn't from these very particles moving in magnetic fields creating electrical current. No other source has ever been observed or detected to the furthest extent of our technological range. Ever.

You may of course theorize other possibilities to your hearts content, but no scientific evidence exists for any energy but that of charges moving in relation to other charges causing magnetic moments, and these conductors (multiple charges) create electric current when moving in said created magnetic fields. A cesium atom continues to function even when shielded from outside influences and cooled to absolute zero. Yet it still emits EM radiation, still has the energy to hold protons, neutrons and electrons in orbit. Does not collapse or cease to exist. Again you want it to be because of some magical unseen energy supply, while I accept the data for exactly what it says is happening. Electric current is being generated and you are detecting this byproduct, EMF fields. Tick, tock, the clock still ticks no matter how hard they try to stop it. [link to www.thunderbolts.info]
 Quoting: observation

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