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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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Anyone familiar with David Talbott's Saturn Theory knows of the configuration of Saturn at earth's pole. What I would like to show in this thread, is that if a coplanar system like our's enters z-pinch, it will tend towards not only being collinear, but coaxial as well. All the planets will go from orbiting and rotating in one plane (close to what we see now),to aligned and spinning on one axis.
It would be easier if I could find a correct diagram of a Birkeland current, but all I have seen are fundamentally flawed. The diagrams I see do not show field lines perpendicular to the filaments. They show field lines from both filaments being coplanar, but if the filaments are spiraling around each other, the field lines should cross. It's only when they show the combined fields that the orientation is correct. Can anyone help with a better diagram? [link to www.thunderbolts.info]
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We'll start out without the diagram
Some of you may have wondered if we could start out with our current planetary configuration, and run it back in time to find some grand conjunction of all the planets. Well, this would give us an alignment, but one which would pass overhead from Earth's tropics, not over the pole. To reach Talbott's configuration, we would also have to increase earth's angle of obliquity (tilt), from ~23 degrees to ~90,and then precess earth until it's pole aligned with the conjunction. Not sounding likely, is it?
Is there an easier way to reach that configuration? Instead of bringing earth's axis down to the ecliptic, can we bring the planets up to the pole? That is, can we pull the planets from their nearly coplanar orbits,and string them out along the solar system spin axis (our current filament)?
As you are all aware, each planet has a different speed around the sun. If we could take some of this speed around the sun, and channel it into speed down the solar system spin axis, we would have all the planets in a line, and near the pole. So the question is "how do we change the direction of a charged, speeding planet?". We change the direction of the magnetic field that planet is in. Our solar systems filament generates a field around it (not down it's axis). We need to introduce a new magnetic field, at an angle to our own.

A quick BTW: For anyone interested in Talbott's Saturn theory, I would merely like to point out that if a gas giant like Saturn was drawn into lead position down the current filament, then the diversion of current from the sun to Saturn,and the spin up and fissioning of that planet due to the increased current, follow logically in this model. So rather than three unlikely events (grand planetary alignment,planet becoming sun, and planet thrown off), we have one event naturally causing the others. Speculation,I know,so I'll get back to the science. [link to www.thunderbolts.info]
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