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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle 1908247
Post Content
Good morning everyone (:

Actually it's 3 PM here already, I woke up early and trained Ninjutsu 4 hours non-stop with the sensei of my sensei, a really great guy.

I just got home thinking about a song, and I decided to listen to it. While watching the vid I noticed something.. I'll quote my post about it :

Okay, I was listening to this song and.. well, there's something strange about it. I realized that when at +-2:20 a calendar was showing a fullmoon on the 28th.

Just a coincidence? Probably.. Well, I decided to see if the calendar showed any other time during the video..

See this with me, at 0:29 it shows for the first time, the month is April 2008.

Then at 1:05, it's still April 2008.
Then at 1:13, still April 2008.
Then at 1:30, still April 2008.

Now it gets interesting. Jump to 2:06. We can't see the month or the year this time, but you can see a holiday, Veteran's day.

Problem is, Veteran's day is on 11th NOVEMBER.

So, ok, maybe the story of the vid just jumped to a time later in the year.. probably.

Again, following the video, we have at 2:22 the fullmoon on the 28th. We know now that the month is November, because it showed in the previous scene.

Now jump to the end of the video, 4:10.

ITS MAY 2008!

Ok, how the hell was the boy in April, then he jumped to November and went back to May??

This makes no sense..
Plus, I checked, and in 2008 the fullmoon of November was actually on the 14th.

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