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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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I wonder like I had posted earlier Aether if the destruction of the two planets that now make up the asteroid and Kuiper belt and therefore their contribution to the music of the spheres ( electromagnetic songs) is the reason for the earths wobble.. I would seem the sun has to make compensation or the reason our satellite moon was put into place to help the this very phenomenon ...

but then again we have this ..

[link to news.nationalgeographic.com]

its the 12 around one principle of creation .. currently we have 9 because pluto was demoted
 Quoting: >~* Flutterby Fringe*~<

what we have so far is the music of the spheres is information that no one on this planet could have discovered themselves because it signs "galactic centers" (plasmoids) which like our present sun (plasmoid) , "sing"
as you know

12 around 1 signs 3 as in: 3, 6, 9
the beginning of constructive/visible (material) creative process and was used by jesus and others to sign "new beginning"
he appears to have known it from Egypt
being lion of judah royalty (non hebrew) it is likely jesus`s own ancestry, being regional to egypt, acquired it way back and passed it on through royal bloodline tradition

we have yet to look at the Kuiper belt
may be residue of planetary realignments as in:
look what happened to mars
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