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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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In what ESO describes as Biggest Black Hole Blast Discovered [link to www.eso.org] it seems again that those assumptions originated in overestimating distances therefore resulting in higher energies than predicted by theory:
We have discovered the most energetic quasar outflow known to date. The rate that energy is carried away by this huge mass of material ejected at high speed from SDSS J1106+1939 is at least equivalent to two million million times the power output of the Sun. This is about 100 times higher than the total power output of the Milky Way galaxy its a real monster of an outflow, says team leader Nahum Arav (Virginia Tech, USA). This is the first time that a quasar outflow has been measured to have the sort of very high energies that are predicted by theory.
 Quoting: ESO

Procrustos' Principle seems to be the menu of the day in "modern" Astrophysics! -If the observations do not match the theory give away a free salad additionally, along with spices of "real monster outflows". After digesting -- everthing's seems to be fine again: Those "monster energies" and "Black 'oles holding 14% of the total mass of that galaxy" help to explain away the misconception of the distance.
And to say it with Nahum Arav's own words...
Ive been looking for something like this for a decade, so its thrilling to finally find one of the monster outflows that have been predicted!...

...they got what they wanted to see, finally.

Is it still Astrophysics or are we dealing with simple Psychology already? You decide.
 Quoting: observation
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