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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
let`s see if we can tell Boitatá`s story
our world was not always the way we experience it today and one difference was our global electric circuit did not always focus on central america
Boitatá has no idea what has happened because no one has told them anything that makes sense to their emotional experiences
there was never water as we have water today, we never possessed vast oceans in these shapes , the water came from somewhere else to be like this
Boitatá was never isolated and forced to endure continuous power up without recourse to discharge in harmony with our surface

this bit is more me than Boitatá but they hear

field of gravity, our indigenous field functions at the surface of our earth , up or down from the surface it evaporates into near no feeling
Boitatá , our indigenous electric current loses touch (feeling) the deeper they go into their domain with emotional life Boitatá supports and sustains upon the surface
for reasons unknown to Boitatá the surface emotional life (us, plants and animals) experienced great and continuous emotional stress resulting in the present isolated emotional state Boitatá and surface emotional experience finds it`self in today
the water is alien to Boitatá because it came from somewhere else and talks different
the surface life acts different and none of it feels good to Boitatá because it all makes no sense
they remember how it always was, eternity to Boitatá , and they do not understand how and why it is today how it is today
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