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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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south america has enlivened amazingly and wonderfully "out of the blue"


i wonder
 Quoting: aether

so hovering
let`s accept for the moment that all topographical features upon earth of significance are electrical/plasma caused

our flood was the culmination of saturn letting go to the superior effects of sol thus the anode converted to water vapor and crashed down upon earth as water does when waters in a hurry

up to then the source of earths electrical requirement came from saturn via the anode glow and occasional flares off the brown dwarf
our gravity, magnetosphere etc where different
the difference in our magnetosphere manifested as it must in a different tone of life represented by our Schumann resonance because as we know tone of shumann is dictated by volume of electricity within our global electrical circuit and shape of the gap between our planet surface and the magnetosphere and all plaents have one (tone)
both of which where significance different within saturn`s power, hence earth gravity difference, big fauna and animals

now when the flood came in a rush earth instantly, as we now instant exists, switched power source from saturn to sol
no time gap
gravity, magnetosphere, Schumann, global circuit etc. all instantly configuration to sol power
whoa, what a day huh
now this is the funny part to me
from that day until this the decider of the tone, magnetosphere shape, gravity value is fixed by that location within the Caribbean sea, the one with the "big city" that just materialized while we float because it is the location of max volts for the short time it faces sol
i find that intriguing at this moment
 Quoting: aether

 Quoting: aether

lmao told you my current last name means bell ringer rofl

tones in the ears have been intense lately , do you realize some of those tones are attached to deity's communicating with you hmm now to figure out which morse code for which entity :P
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