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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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So, when I break a magnet into two pieces, does the magnetic field break and then reconnect, or reform from scratch? No experiments from breaking magnets has ever given a hint of the release of energy from a reconnecting magnetic field. No matter how small you break a magnet, you will always get a south and north pole that can never be seperated. All experiments with magnetic fields show they ALWAYS begin on one pole and end on the other. No breaking or reconnection has ever been observed or hinted at, or a magnetic field that ends in empty space (disconnected from one pole). So if no magnetic field has ever been observed to disconnect from one pole, how is it they reconnect?

They are observing the collapse of the magnetic field and then another magnetic field being formed, not the same field disconnecting and reconnecting. It must be this way as no magnetic field under any laboratory conditions has ever been observed not to start at one pole and end at the other. NEVER has a magnetic field been observed to end at a random point in space.

There are only two ways to stop a magnetic field: Stop the electric current, or heat the object causing the field to the Tc limit of the material. Since the Sun is orders of magnitude above any known materials Tc limit, the only recourse is electric fields to generate said magnetic field. Now if you want to call it Electrical Current breaking and collapse of the magnetic field I could agree. But to even postulate magnetic fields could exist in the environs of the sun where the Tc limit of every known material is exceeded, is ignoring everything we know about magnets and heat. So until they decide to consider the currents that must be flowing to sustain the magnetic field, all their talk of how it occurs is just wishful thinking harking back to an era of fluid dynamics. They are ships on the ocean using stars to navigate deprived of a compass. They may eventually make it to port, but can not chart the vastness of the open seas, but must hug the coast and stay with what they know. [link to www.thunderbolts.info]
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