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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
The Big Bang theory is pure speculation.

The universe is infinite because if not, there must be an outside. And if there is an outside, it is not finite.
A finite universe is a contradiction in terms.

Neither matter nor motion (energy) can be created or destroyed. Thus the universe must be eternal, or else it would contradict the laws of indestructability of matter and motion.
You can also add causality into this. Because a created universe must at some point have been uncaused, which cannot be.

Putting a supernatural force into this solves nothing. Now you might have a cause for the creation of the universe, albeit highly speculative. However, you'll find yourself in desperate need of a cause for this supernatural force as well as proof of its existence. Even worse, if you can prove its existence you're right back at the start. The supernatural force is no longer supernatural. It has simply become just as natural as the rest of the universe. And the "created universe" rushes right back to an eternal existence again
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