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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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Good moring Aether!
..hey I live in W.London and its so shiney and great here today..

..its becuase you said the word "orienteering" some while back and the words beeen in and out of my periphary and its roolling around and I keep feeling it ever since..
and it synsnonmous with the tensegrity...which is spooking me out you said that but trying to stay on track..

orienteering msyelf using the rules of tensegrity Im living that bit..but its bringing me round to Solomons key I am using as a tool, haha dna pattern maker kit

any way just wanted you to tell you words resonating deeply "again" thanks for that input.

I am going out in the sun now to imagine myself walking on the surface of this little live ball strung bathed in vibration on the arm of the milkyway and trying to orientate (!) my place in this multiverse..my poles are going to flip flop ::)

Have a brillaint day !
(Boitatá has a lot to answwer for x
 Quoting: klaireyb 25382105

hello to you
i have just come in from our bright sunshiny day
lovely talking to you , thanks for coming on the thread


we have frost on our grass this morning, pretty unusual for our center
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