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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Seer777
Post Content

I resonated with this thread as well the day I found it.
Perhaps you might remember my reaction?

That was the day '73' came up.

I have not checked this thread since that evening.

73 coincidentally enough came up again after I wrote my last post here minutes ago.

And 0 PM'd me.

I had also just posted this to Sugarelf an hour or so ago as a greeting to show him I had found it...


There is more but I won't put it here.


 Quoting: Seer777

it comes up as this:
within our previous orientation the future most likely was as said

within our recent reorientation we are steering away from overwhelming emotional attraction of confrontation and consequential sexual stimulation

anger has become one of humanities most addictive emotions and one of the most attractive attributes
the majority of traditions within our societies are constructed around the scale of anger manifested and the accompanying emotions it generates in others inclusive of sexual attraction

anger is a natural sense like our sense of pain etc. that exist to prompt us to discover the cause of our anger/pain and rectify it

in the absence of information knowing the structural function of our environment senses such as anger and pain have been elevated to "holy" and integrated into our way of life thus incorporating suffering as a condition of life deemed natural
 Quoting: aether

there is no noticeable alteration to this state generally expected until 2118 approx within our previous orientation

our new reorientation information may alter that date looking at the information contained within it but we will not know until we commence expressing our reorientation information

that has hardly commenced yet
we will see over our coming year or so
 Quoting: aether

 Quoting: aether

 Quoting: aether

Good morning.

What does anger and sexual attraction have to do with synchronicity and time travel?


Here is a bit more I added at the other forum regarding the synch with Sugarelf, whom apparently is not talking to me for some reason. He seemed to get quite upset that I capitalize the 'E' in his name when I said hello. NOw there seems to be quite a joke regarding the capital 'E' and his reaction.


This was my response to this question,

"wtf are people so spooked about E for in here??"

I was wondering the very same...

'e'ither way...The image I posted to Sugar'e'lf set off a series of synchronicitic events revolving around the number '73'.


21st prime.

3 7's



Which I believe was the reason this image surfaced in one of our discussions back in May or June.

Both my discussion with Sugarelf and 0.

Also, just before I received 0's PM in the time travel thread, I was reading the archon thread and found another reference to '73'. Which is the part I didn't mention last night. Only to 0, and he didn't get back to me.


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