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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content

Good morning.

What does anger and sexual attraction have to do with synchronicity and time travel?


Here is a bit more I added at the other forum regarding the synch with Sugarelf, whom apparently is not talking to me for some reason. He seemed to get quite upset that I capitalize the 'E' in his name when I said hello. NOw there seems to be quite a joke regarding the capital 'E' and his reaction.


This was my response to this question,

"wtf are people so spooked about E for in here??"

I was wondering the very same...

'e'ither way...The image I posted to Sugar'e'lf set off a series of synchronicitic events revolving around the number '73'.


21st prime.

3 7's



Which I believe was the reason this image surfaced in one of our discussions back in May or June.

Both my discussion with Sugarelf and 0.

Also, just before I received 0's PM in the time travel thread, I was reading the archon thread and found another reference to '73'. Which is the part I didn't mention last night. Only to 0, and he didn't get back to me.


 Quoting: Seer777

well sugarelf was the catalyst in the synchronized arising of aether on flaming swords now deleted hills and valleys thread while we were all immersed in linking our ancient sacred sites around the globe

flaming sword insisted we all named ourselves and not be ac, as i was
so i was tooken for a few weeks then aether arose and i possessed it cos it fits me to me
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