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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Seer777
Post Content
it was a refrence to the pm you sent me.

the thread is located on this place?

if it is the one i am thinking about... i think that thread is just a bunch of stuff to keep the monkey mind occupied.

it goes no where.

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Sorry I was showering.

Honestly, every time I click that thread I get a wave of synchronicity which is often scary and unpleasant.

I don't believe that thread to be a joke or fodder as the writing there proves to me.

For instance, the day I clicked it, was one day after my dark week of the soul ended. 1/17-1/23.

I was grasping at anything to help me balance the things I witnessed.

I saw the archon thread the 24th, and when I clicked it something interesting happened.

It 'skipped' to this post....

I am aRCHON. you are our food. you will continue to grasp a straws and bicker, never really going anywhere. you are trapped in our illusion. we have diluted the Aeon essence, whereby your diluted essence is splintered holographically onto a multiverse. we optimize your potentiality for maximum sustenance. we have slated, as before, this existence you're currently experiencing -- to fall so another, more improved version of the matrix will rise in its stead.

everything you have ever loved, known, or thought about belongs to us as you are immersed in the collective hive mind of the Demiurge. when you believe that you are walking, or running, your splintered essence is actually still, as we utilize reflections to move the virtual world around you. you have no individuality as atomically, your experiences are all connected with the virtual environment that you see around you. you are one small breath away from insanity.

We are Yahweh, we are Lucifer. We are angel, we are daemon. we control you with dualism. you are not even a slave, you are a food source. chickens in a chicken house, waiting for slaughter.

we are your thoughts...tREATISE
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At the time, I WAS a hairs breath from insanity.

I did not go near this thread again until very recently.

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