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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

you were seeing what is labeled quasars and that is exactly what they are in overview
electrical storms (inspirational emotions) within our environment (universe)
 Quoting: aether

How wonderful
:) deep space...hmm

it can happen within too..I see/experience my heart as like this sewing matter into the web they look like fractal flowers being embroidered into the matrix(?).. and shape/ content of the matter is changed by emotion. Like the eye - O - of the heart/quaser is a patern maker and effected by our emotions - rubbish pattern maker makes rubbish matter.

Its weird thinking of it that I see my heart like a quasar..lol
 Quoting: klaireyb 25382105

same processes thumbs
 Quoting: aether

always looking/experiencing stuff within wathcing "processes" but now lately I have the urge to go galactic like S.S..
I do go off world but inside spaces not in space lol
amazing same processes!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25382105

What was crazy with this one, is I was standing on the ground, and it was night-time. There were a few people mulling around me, but they were boring, lol. I looked up and the stars were crazy beautiful.

I began watching a 'star' move around, and then the entire sky became alive. I just stood there, watching all of it going on. So many different forms and actions/reactions.

I remember seeing one spherical area, and when a tiny discharge occurred within its 'cloudy' body, it would trigger lightning like discharges, randomly arcing throughout the cloud.

In areas where there was no density of cloud, the discharges were formed like Dr. Peratt's research. But, what was awesome was seeing the process take place.
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