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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle >~* Flutterby Fringe*~<
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It is "Tara" the missing component to Love /Divine union between the masculine and feminine
 Quoting: Seer777



[link to www.amentiproject.net]


5. What is the relationship between Earth and Tara? Where is Tara?
• Earth (and our solar system as we know it) originally came from Tara, which is a
planet that exists within the 2nd Harmonic Universe, in the Oundonc Time Cycle.
About 550 million years ago (MYA) part of Tara dismantled itself in energetic
terms. It fell in vibration, and in speed, and some of its particles began to pulsate
slower. As a result, it ended up in Harmonic Universe 1. The fragments of Tara
became our planet and solar system. There were originally 12 planets (the sun is
also considered a planet). One of the planets imploded a long time ago (Maldek).
And there is one we haven’t discovered yet (Nibiru).
6. Who are the Turaneusiam? How were they created?
• About 560 million years ago there was a race of beings seeded on Tara called the
Turaneusiam. They were created by splicing together the “best of the best” of the
gene code of all the other types of beings that existed in all the other systems and
Harmonic Universes. The purpose was to create a prototype that could embody
the consciousness of 12 of the 15 dimensions. They were viewed as God Beings
(godlings) and created with the potential to become “Creator gods,” in the
Christiac sense of the term. They were created to be Guardians for the planet
They were responsible for making sure the energy balance of the whole
planetary system stayed intact. They were responsible for creating harmonious
relationships with other galaxies and planets of the 2nd Harmonic Universe.
Because the Turaneusiam had the genetic codes of many different species, they
had the capacity to identify with many different species, and so become mediators
within the large intergalactic ET community in HU 2.
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