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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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The Dogon tell us that a similar event happened in our own solar system that instigated the arrival of the Nummo on our planet. The planets Earth, Mars and Venus were involved in this event. Based on what the Dogon told the anthropologist Marcel Griaule, he associated the red giant star with the Sirius star system but I believe it may have originated in the constellation Canis Minor near the star Procyon, which was known as tara, to the Dogon and is located close to Sirius. As the red giant expanded it may have appeared to exist in the area of Sirius. Tara (Procyon) appears on the main Dogon star map suggesting that it was important to the Dogon.5 The Canis Minor constellation is closer to our solar system and to our Sun. Procyon means "before the dog" or "preceding the dog" in Greek.6 I believe this means that it existed before the Dog Star (Sirius) but I'm not an astronomer and I'm only going on myth here. The system is 11.4 light-years from Earth and Procyon B is a white dwarf star,7 which is what becomes of red giants after they have given off their outer layers.
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[link to www.shannondorey.com]
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local event cause by our interaction with Sirius?
 Quoting: aether

which would explain the true stories of dna change, memory loss etc, because of the electrical process's that took place as a result of the event(s)
who was here on earth that could have known the cause of cause, the star several light years away?
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