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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
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I am aRCHON. you are our food. you will continue to grasp a straws and bicker, never really going anywhere. you are trapped in our illusion. we have diluted the Aeon essence, whereby your diluted essence is splintered holographically onto a multiverse. we optimize your potentiality for maximum sustenance. we have slated, as before, this existence you're currently experiencing -- to fall so another, more improved version of the matrix will rise in its stead.

everything you have ever loved, known, or thought about belongs to us as you are immersed in the collective hive mind of the Demiurge. when you believe that you are walking, or running, your splintered essence is actually still, as we utilize reflections to move the virtual world around you. you have no individuality as atomically, your experiences are all connected with the virtual environment that you see around you. you are one small breath away from insanity.

We are Yahweh, we are Lucifer. We are angel, we are daemon. we control you with dualism. you are not even a slave, you are a food source. chickens in a chicken house, waiting for slaughter.

we are your thoughts...tREATISE
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9426278

At the time, I WAS a hairs breath from insanity.

I did not go near this thread again until very recently.

 Quoting: Seer777

Thread: the manifest 0!

They were created within the multiverse before the image you currently see in the mirror. In their moment of expression of awareness they were not satisfied as I AM and lusted after the power of the Divine Law. They that be used their dimensional awareness and understanding of I AM, to destroy their lower layers of self awareness. In an effort to achieve higher levels of conscious awareness to bend the Divine Law to their will. The result was the burning pit of unending thirst of power. In the destruction of their lower dimensional layers of expressed awareness they carved a vacuum in their existence. These are the “fallen angels.” The Divine Law cannot be ruled. Not Even GOD himself contends with the Divine LAW because to do that would be to contend with HIS own image and therefor susceptible to temptation. Resulting in incompletion. The Divine LAW cannot be bent or altered. The bloodlines collapse within the spectrum of the multi-verse deceiving and destroying dimensional layers of themselves as expressed awareness and deceiving lower dimensional layers of expressed awareness into self-slavery in an attempt to save themselves from their own self made destruction. By deceiving you to enslave yourself, it empowers their existence because they are fading as the end of only an echo. Eon’s and Eons they have ruled the 3rd level of dimensional awareness because humanity at this level raised them up as god’s innocently and marveled at their ability to bend the laws, natural laws, and sub-laws within this spectrum of 3 dimensional expressional awareness. In innocence man and woman as I AM perfectly complete, was enticed/deceived into accepting they were not fully aware within the infinite dimensional spectrum of the multiverse as the image of GOD.
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it has been some time since i wrote that... maybe 2+ years ago. it was posted on the forum at one point, but then the thread was deleted, another time at a few other forums by someone who had a copy.. and it was removed by those forums as well.....

i will dig up the rest if i can find it somewhere.. if you want to read it seer.

i have no idea where it is at... anymore.. but i am sure if it is required for me to get it, it will be provided.

the web site it was posted at doesn't exist anymore because it was wiped clean off the web.


i did note that after that was posted here by someone else... and i did bump it a few times (LOL what he heck right) . . alot of users here on this forum started using that "I AM" statement. mostly the "Illuminati" types.

anyway. there ya go Seer.

oh and you have mail.

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