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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
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yes i see them... don't suprise me much.

it is not like i have been on the radar for some while.


they just don't get me.

tried a few times... yet, i am still here.

part of the plan i suppose.

i am not worried about it.

read that archon thread. well most of it....

heightened fear in its conception as is its design..
lots of dis-info and well... greatly exaggerated imagination...

to create yellow tape in your conscious and sub conscious... manipulating spelling and other things to create images and shapes in your mind that not easy on the eyes... because the eyes are naturally attracted to the structure of golden mean...

its effective for most who view it

a few man traps in there as well...

typical shit.

i don't have the time for it... and it does not interest me at the moment. grandiose exasperation is my opine of that thread.

a good rule to live by is, take what you want and leave the rest. the leaving it part is hard for most. lol

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