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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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If the universe is eternal it must have already existed for an infinite time. That being the case, why hasn't entropy already reached a maximum resulting in heat death an infinitely long time ago?
 Quoting: observation

QUASARs, BL Lacertae objects, and the self organization ability of the plasma state of matter itself, seem to me, assuming Arp's observations to be correct, (I do) are examples of the opposite of entropy. Perhaps, as entropy builds up within ancient galaxies, these objects are ejected, and represent a form of refrigeration, removing "excess entropy?"

"Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it merely changes form," True or false?

"Energy moves from source to sink," True or false?

"The aether is pregnant with energy," True or false?

"There is another dimension, outside the existence we know," True or false?

"The keys to which are kept from us for our own well being," True or false?

(I believe my soul is eternal, and part of it consists of knowledge. I therefore further believe I will always remain somewhat ignorant, since one of the joys of existence is finding stuff out! Hopefully, the depth of knowledge is infinite.)
 Quoting: observation

 Quoting: aether

Eternity as a function does not exist, it is. In a quip: That which is without beginning or end is not bound by survival or continuance or any motive but permanence.

We as sub functions put anthropomorphic constraint of a particular bias/perspective in impermanent space time constructs as the raison d'etre.

Whereas the raison d'etre is nothingness at the doorway of all.


The rub is seeing the pinch that cycles the 'waters'.
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