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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
that was one of the best 2 nights in my life ever x,
how to explain this is completely new territory for me as aether said, hard to pick words as they seem so bland in comparison but they don't mind.
where do I start, oh my, okay - swapping technology - I gave true empathy and was pleased to do so, they love the alchemy process :) amongst the things they gave, information was downloaded at the fastest rate ever than before I am trying to assimilate but its okay, there is no going back,
lol they ride the wave, Sol are here they are very pleased to meet.
I felt shakti and shiva lie down in the emerald sea and how the numbers spheres I saw in my dreams became a fractal torus..thats just one thing out of a million
oh and they gave me symbols to use...they led me here ...they knew..
self aware electric universe :) I love you guys x thank you xx


still in the most Awe x
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