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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle >~* Flutterby Fringe*~<
Post Content
Morning sep. How are you this fine day?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11152564

Morning. I am feeling good this morning. Hopefully it lasts throughout the day. It's Friday, so that is good news. I've got someone wanting to interview me on my research about Fluff. I think I'll wait until after the 1st for that.

So, things are going smooth.
 Quoting: Septenary Man


How were your dreams last night as when I was feeling around your feelings yesterday I heard you would have a revelation in your dreams hf
 Quoting: >~* Flutterby Fringe*~<

They were fairly non-descriptive. Some of it was with family members. My nephew had scratched up a wooden counter top and I had to help him 'polish' it to get the scratches out before grandma (my mom) found out is was all scratched up.

Some of it was with a band and it's management. The management took me aside and brought me to a 'hotel' room. But, nothing significant took place.

Things like that.
 Quoting: Septenary Man

Ah the band ... soundwaves and octaves .. music makers of the spheres

hmm I think there is more to the details of the band but that is just my feelings SS

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