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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle nobody
Post Content
great songs indeed,,


have seen the equinox video before,, curticy of your goodself within a previous post,, the content is somewhat disturbing yet the reversal of roles contained therein is refreshing,, if karma could echo through art then that video mirrored this perfectly,, thankyou,,


such a wonderful piece of musical transgess with perfect rift swaps seemlessly intergrated that it reminds this one of the old rave days with spiral tribe,, as a result this one was lost in overall euphoria,, thankyou,,


loved that song,, felt exactly like that on certain occasions,, that one would wish not to further mention,, going too now seek out more of their works,, thankyou,,

great place great people,,

'raises a glass',, too all whom are here on german beer night!,,

shared music and beer,, how wonderful,,

much love,,
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