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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle songwaves
Post Content
I didn't like it much so asked it to stop, spent quite a few years rving, so had enough living out of my head in other times and places and personally needed to be more grounded in life.

Does it make you feel weird, it always did me, like uncomfortable. hugs

What I wonder...is the enviroment forming our experiences?

 Quoting: songwaves

I asked for the 'gift' to be taken from me a few Summers ago, as it was too strong and accurate.

And it was to a degree.

When it returned it was...different. Unexplainable in words.

Your last sentence there, if you are asking what I think you are, yes I wonder that often.

That is where the 'guilt' comes in.

The Ripple...

 Quoting: Seer777

Perhaps each of us process the collective in a different way, some like us precog, others dreams as we integrate it into ourselves.

I'm confused to your reply last part...sorry I didn't write my question well... if we are integrating what is going to happen (before it does), is this driving what does happen?

I think I think too much today ;)

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