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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Seer777
Post Content
Was it foresight or something different?
 Quoting: Seer777

Seer. Let go of guilt. Already it is twisting your thoughts. Intention. If you have no intention of causing harm, you are not part of that that caused the harm.
 Quoting: Septenary Man

Thank you love.

I appreciate your comforting words.


Perhaps just the 'image' was enough.

As this was my sensation after posting it...

Well...after I wrote those previous posts I felt a bit bad about bringing up something so morbid when the 'feel' of today was more festive.

I felt I had created a dark atmosphere and second guessed myself for bringing it up at all.

 Quoting: Seer777

I believe perhaps I should take this as a lesson to be more careful. I believe that is what aether was getting at in regard to the 'positive influence'.

It's also why I stay away from 'Doom' threads.

I just found that image particularly intriguing. The first night I found it I was going to post it here, but felt it was too dark. Then the next day I decided to do it.

The Oregon shooting happened just after.

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