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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle klaireyb
Post Content
it was weird maybe it was meant to be but I got locked out. but it turned out more than okay, it was like it was meant to be x so I had to go to my friends , still on fire and bit out of depth and was reminded how gentle and lovely souls are. sharing magnetic energies, it was the best place to be :) taking me naturally where it flows with good intention (because I had no clue..:) x so settling and sharing, with lovely shiny happy people..grounding by caring x it was golden x
at this moment my brain is chattering away to itself like it never met, left to right all day non stop..:O happy to meet you, chattering away loving its funny ..lovely interference patterns better made by best intentions/ electric emotions ..it would be just yadada if not for the emotions x

multi dimensionalgrouphug converging
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