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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Seer777
Post Content
perhaps there exist a paitence of the destructive intention whilst a greator accessment is thus witnessed,,

much love,,
 Quoting: nobody 30416591

when the location is reached (time) enabling "ignore destructive intention" to manifest because it no longer possess ability to influence that which it did

patience is the visible popular translation of the outcome

 Quoting: aether

unless of course time is currently,, still not mirrored correctly,, and therefore not directly perceived as a true reflection within the managble reality perceptions,, of the proverberal fruit fly life span,,

relative indeed,, as are all perceptions when scalled,,

and yet still ironically,, the fruit flys genstrative paitience is destructively ominscent,, from birth too flight,, by nature,,

what a wonderful creative wave to ride indeed,,

much love,,
 Quoting: nobody 30416591


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