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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle Jonny Blaze
Post Content
Don't get me wrong, aether. Brady is a great NFL QB.

But I'm an Aggie, and I have been following the Ags since before I went there in '95.

We just changed conferences. We went from the Big 12 to the Western Division of the SEC. We have to play Alabama and LSU every year, not to mention Auburn (who sucked this year).

We were supposed to be the whipping child of the SEC this year. The consensus was that we would be lucky to have a winning season. Not to mention the new bad blood that has risen between us and our old rivals, the University of Texas, who we will no longer be playing.

Johnny Manziel led us to a 10-2 season, with a victory over the #1 ranked Alabama, and our only two losses to a now #3 ranked Florida by 3 points and a #8 ranked LSU by 5 points.

Johnny is just a freshman. So, this Aggie is looking forward to at least one thing. Welcome to the new age of the SEC, an age where our football program rises to the status of elite.
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