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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle nobody
Post Content
ss,, this message is for you,,

an interesting night indeed,,

so much travelling,,

such an experience is always detail remembered,,

the details regarding the overheard media direction,, within a dream of last night,, are herein not mentioned,, as they are somewhat cumbersant in mental wieght,,

they may only be understandably obvious,, when perceived that they are based upon a jointed panetheon agreed current control angle,, subjective simply too an acceptable pluasable directional persuasion,,

when we remember that which was not intended,, the panetheon unwittingly reveals many details of a greator motive intention,,

laugh-able indeed,,

as of course poor animal husbandry always produces poor results,,

yet the truths gained,, project the weaknesses,, and the abilities obtained reflect their own,,

this one trusts that this makes sense,, if not please ignore,,

though the relevance remains,,

much love,,
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