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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
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From reading that link a page back, the cadecues looked like it was told in the china information, the dragon ley lines. The eagle and its wings. I know it was talking about the earth in the link, but could also be about the human and its dragon lines. Any body know more about these dragon ley lines and why they come up in dreams as birds with wings carrying scrolls?
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carriers of information = instant over distance = winged delivery

Nobody really knows where the caduceus originated, its origin being so far back in time. But we do know that it has been a part of many ancient cultures. We also know that the caduceus was a staff carried by Hermes (also known as Mercury), as he flew across great distances, at great speed, carrying his messages. Isnít it rather fortuitous that thousands of years ago a mythical god carried messages at great speeds across great distances and holding a staff, which modern science can interpret as electricity? What great luck! It sounds like Hermes could be a modern symbol for radio transmission, or even the World Wide Web.
So is it really a myth? Electricity was known thousands of years ago, and ancient cities of grand proportions are being discovered on land and under sea that hasnít been above water in over 11,500 years . Considering the vast number of ancient megalithic structures spread over the face of the Earth, clearly we are witnessing the remnants of advanced ancient civilizations. Perhaps the Aether Physics Model is the Rosetta stone that will help us better understand the secrets hidden in the Rig Veda, and in other ancient texts and pictographs that describe pre-historic technology in terms of zoomorphic symbolism. [link to www.16pi2.com]
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