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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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So, is this the currently accepted scenario ...

1. Earth/Mars were planets around our former star, Saturn.

2. Capture by our current star (The Sun) ramps down the former stars current, eventually creating Saturn in its current (non star) form..

3. Due to these changes a cataclysm effects Earth and Mars, almost completely destroying a former, possibly technological, civilization on Mars and Earth, ref: Cydonia and why it seems so alien and yet so familiar. Yet Mars and Earth do survive due to the orbit arranging nature of EM/EU/Plasma as we see in Exoplanet discoveries.

4. As a result of the capture, and as the orbits settle down, visible EM phenomena in the sky are recorded by the survivors (petroglyphs, mythology).

5. Some survivors of this former civilization are tasked with preserving important human knowledge for healing, healthy societies, etc. via the perennial philosophy passed down through the ages; sacred geometry, and other systems of preserving knowledge. This is why some of the deductions made from possible Cydonia ruins match up with current human knowledge, because that knowledge was originally human before the star capture, hence the Face.
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