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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content

could be your lucky year pi if 12 in i ching is phi 1rof1
 Quoting: aether

no way past if invisibles say no
the good and the great so not go past
meek only

it seems
 Quoting: aether

/z\ does that ring a bell?
 Quoting: aether

of course it is going to be phi
spherical geometry
once you start the second sequence reading right to left
you start the correct way (motive)
the information (emotion) goes right to left
so you begin right to left
you place "god" (singular affect) first
you begin with god in your heart (motive)
the sequence runs right to left
what you say goes right to left
what happens after you say it right to left

happens/occurs left to right

god is the third (3) in line after what god is (cause of cause) going left to right
thus god manifests as spherical geometry (vortice/phi)

not sure that has been written in our past several thousand years /z\
 Quoting: aether

it is direction of emotion/energy

you say it right to left
it comes back (happens)
left to right

meek request
strong reply
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