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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle songwaves
Post Content
evening everyone hf

Wow thats awesome, a trifold key...really feels like the collective slid into da'ath lol

The whole collective is zig-zagging up the kabbalah, what a wave...i feel abit giddy.

love,song x
 Quoting: songwaves

love your visuals
spot on thumbs
high flying bird comes to mind /z\

 Quoting: aether

birds is a theme for me...I saw about thirty buzzards all riding an air current, they encircled spiraling upwards.... forming a column rising through the clouds, it was like they were moving in slow motion but all together in unison, it was truly beautiful.

reading i see... Because of its role as a connecting principle Daath is sometimes known by the esoteric title of 'The Rainbow Bridge'.

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