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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
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good morning nico
Beijing overview

The Pentagon as a global rifle association
15th jan 2013

The Newtown school massacre has seen debate over the right to bear arms reach fever pitch in the United States, yet no one sees the contradiction between this and the US Pentagon's mission to flood the world with the most advanced weaponry money can buy. The Obama administration is the middle man, easing the way for major arms sales abroad with relaxed export rules.
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[link to www.atimes.com]
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Beijing`s side of the topic

US, Japan cannot change history by confusing the public
8th jan 2013

............Neither the malicious U.S. clauses nor Japan's chicanery can change history or shake China's firm determination to safeguard its territorial sovereignty.

Japan's Jiji Press recently reported that Japan “discovered” a Chinese government document dated May 15, 1950 which acknowledged the Diaoyu Islands belong to the Ryukyu Islands and referred to the islets with Japanese name “Senkakus”, therefore it says this refuted China's claim that the Diaoyu Islands have been affiliated with Taiwan since ancien times...........
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[link to english.peopledaily.com.cn]


Military planes on "routine flights" over East China Sea
14th jan 2013
[link to english.peopledaily.com.cn]

arc (america/russia/china) places japan in the box labeled "local politics"
tricky for the locals
not tricky for our global (arc) tounge
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