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Message Subject X Marks the Spot
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
think how clever this is

information is there (existing) for along time
the environment this information is within stays the same for the same long time

environment begins to alter
the information does not alter

people within the environment begin to alter

altering people see the same information in their environment differently because they are altering

the information makes sense to the altering people because it was written to make sense to how they become
not how they were when the information was written

it was written to be seen in an environment that was known to alter and affect people one day
because our environment always does

the information was written in a manner that is understandable because the people that wrote it knew how we would be when our environment altered sufficiently to see
 Quoting: aether


information...comes from testing communication...

pure intention on both parts...

 Quoting: Spirit666

yes spirit as we think this

how do and why do our intuitive emotions responds positively to emotional information we have never experienced before

why does it often "feel" right and encourage us to look further using what we just discovered as the tool to go further


if memory is true and
memory is outside of you
then what is occurring is you are picking up where you left off
now place the history of earth that we are discovering to be true into this context and picking up where you left of has different meaning because there is a different environment (universe) to fit meaning into
than was possessed within that universe we have left behind in our new belief of what is true

this seems to be where we are going
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